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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to make app folders on an iPad

Note: This post was written using iOS 6, the look of some icons might have changed and few features may have been added or moved in iOS 7 but for the most part it is the same.

So I realized that I missed a crucial step in setting up an iPad: Setting up App Folders!

Now I know that for many of you this is basic knowledge, but I am always surprised by the people who don't know how to do this. If you already know how what folder categories you use.

For those who don't know, an App Folder is a way of grouping apps together on your homescreens so that similar apps are found in the same place, and there are less home screens to sort through. That is what is going on in the banner of this site, I have grouped some of my productivity apps together.

In the Pre-iOS 4 days this was not an option and it would take forever to scroll through all your apps to find the one you were looking for (especially if you download lots of apps like me). As we all know, more organized means more productive, because you can find what you are looking for when you need it.

Fortunately making folders is simple once you know how to do it. Since I am currently on the hunt for a better more effective way to manage contacts I will demonstrate by setting up a folder for Contacts apps.

  • Begin by holding down on an app icon for a few seconds until they all start to wiggle (this is also the way to rearrange apps or delete them. Little "x"s should appear by most of the icons (red arrows) .

  • Now drag one app on top of another app. Here I am dragging the new linkedin contacts app onto the Evernote Hello app. A grey box appears around them, that is the folder (orange circle). Tip: this can be a little tricky to do because apps try to jump out of the way of the app you are dragging, just be patient, it may take a couple tries.

  • Bingo, you now have two apps in one spot. iOS will automatically name the folder whatever thinks the best name is based on the two apps, in this case "business"(yellow arrow). I normally like to rename the folder by taping on the name field and typing in a new name. In this case I will call the folder "contacts" (green arrow)

  • There you have it, you are done making your folder. Drag any apps you want into your folder, make as many folders as you want!
If you find this helpful and want to remember it just   if you want to share it with others  it.

Tip: Did you know you can put a folder in your dock? This can give you easy access to a lot of important apps.

So go ahead and set up a folder, then comment on this post and tell me how it went.
Thanks for reading.

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