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Monday, April 15, 2013

Remember, Live Better

A few posts into this blog I ended with a phrase that I have since incorporated as my tag line: and remember, live better. I wanted to explain why this is important and thereby why it is my tag line. I feel like most people in this world are not achieving what they want to. The majority of us are just going through the motions each day not really living productive lives. We have built a culture of mediocrity and debt in America that invigorates a fast satisfaction/low longterm rewards lifestyle.

Most people really do want to live better. I like to think that most people have dreams, most people really do want to achieve those dreams. But, we live in a world that without the kind of intentional living that is taught by Dave Ramsey and Michael Hyatt just sweeps you up into a rat race of daily survival.

So what is the key to achieving your dreams and thriving in this crazy world? You guessed it:

Remember, Live Better

The major problem today is that people simply do not remember to live better. The majority probably think about living better, what they would like to achieve, or how much money they would like to have, or how productive they would like to be, but in the small moments everyday when those dreams are made or destroyed they forget to live in the way to achieve them.

This is why I feel the iPad and iOS generally are going to be so important in productivity. When something is with you nearly all the time it has the ability to help you remember to live better if you want it to. That is the great key: want to live better, and remember to live better. It really does not matter how you do it, I just happen to think apps can help, what matters is that you do it. 

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That's all for now.

And remember, live better.

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