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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Review: Podcast App

Name: Podcasts
Price: Free
Stars: 4
Type: Podcatcher, Online Radio

I love podcasts, I won't go into all the details of why I think podcasts are absolutely incredible here because that deserves a post all its own. This is a review of Apple's Podcast app. If you are already an avid podcast listener let me know your favorite podcast by .

A definition: Podcasts are like radio shows on your iPod, only you can listen to them whenever you want and they aren't just about Politics, Problems, and Country Music (not that I don't like those three things) they can be about anything you are interested in, and they also happen to free, which puts them on my good list.

A short history: Podcasts use to be a part of the standard music app on an iOS device, last year apple broke them out into their own app, the one we are currently discussing. This was a good thing because it saved SO much hassle of dealing with the music app for podcasts. Unfortunately it was not Apple's best piece of software, it tended to be buggy and to crash a lot. Good idea, bad implementation. This has caused it to get low, VERY low reviews in the app store.

Where we are now: The podcast app now works very well, it allows you to download or stream your podcasts, it also now allows you to make your own stations, and one of my favorite features is that it helps you to find new podcasts through the top charts section. It still has some bugs, but nothing major. One of the best things is that it will remember your place in the podcast and it will sync across your devices via iCloud.

Tip: There are still a lot of negative reviews in the app store, these are mostly from people who a super podcast listeners and they have been using highly sophisticated podcatching apps for a long time, they want robust functionality, which is fine for them, just don't be turned off by their comments, the podcast app works fine for the average user.

Tip #2: turn of the little red badge icon for the podcast app if you don't listen to everything right away, otherwise it can be pretty annoying.

Well that's it for now. Check out the app, let me know what your favorite podcasts are in the comments below. Also if you enjoyed this review or share it.

For your enjoyment here's a screenshot of the top of my podcasts list.

Thanks for reading, and remember, live better


  1. Hi Ben,

    Great post. I am also a big podcast listener and will be launching one myself within a month. I enjoy Smart Passive Income, This Is Your Life, 48 Days, EntreLeadership, Podcast Answerman, Stuff You Should Know, and The Survival Podcast. (Told you I liked them)

    I heard your question on Hyatt's podcast and decided to check out your blog and was excited to see you are also an LDS guy living in Utah County. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Sounds like a lot of the podcasts I have listened to. Have you tried Beyond the Todo List w/ Erik Fisher? Let us know when you launch your podcast.