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The Haldu Trilogy

The Haldu: Quest for Wizardhood Trilogy is a series of fantasy novels that tell the adventures of a young wizard named Haldu. He journeys across the magical land of Ulpan to confront the evil forces that threaten it.

The books are especially appropriate for the 10-14 age range. They are meant to use fantasy to teach moral messages to youth in fun and exciting ways. They are also mean to encourage children to write their own stories. I began work on the Haldu books when I was 12 years old.

Haldu: Wizard of the Swamp
Haldu is a young wizard living in a swamp when he is thrown into a quest in which he must guard a young princess against countless enemies as they travel to assist the elfin army. The lives of numberless beings depend upon them reaching their goal. Many adventures stand between them and their destination. Will they reach the army in time, or will the dark hordes of an evil master overrun their beloved land?

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Haldu: Wizard of the Valley
Shortly after returning home from the events of Haldu: Wizard of the Swamp, Haldu is again thrown into a quest of excitement and peril. Haldu sets off to restore magic and dignity to a hornless unicorn, but is quickly caught up in events with even greater consequences. As Haldu battles to keep the beautiful Unicorn Valley free, he discovers that he must also work to save the entire land of Ulpan, as well as his own family. Returning to battle by his side are some favorite characters from the first book, including the beautiful princess Elens, and the venerable magitroll Farguard. The fate of Ulpan will hinge on their courage to face what they most fear, and their devotion to each other and the principles of freedom.

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Haldu: Wizard of Ulpan
Fearing Brimphil's warning from "Haldu: Wizard of the Valley," Haldu sets out with his friends April and Oni to destroy the Dark Elf Master Tome. When a broken spell scatters them across Ulpan, they must contend with their own foes in order to keep Ulpan free. Haldu takes an old and a new ally into the southern wastes to do battle with and evil witch, Oni struggles to keep the elfin kingdom from careening into political chaos, while April is thrown blindly into a war between the drakes. However, they soon realize that the fate of Ulpan does not hang on their shoulders, but the shoulders of those they teach. Will they be taught right? Will their courage be strong enough to save Ulpan? Find out, open the book, and discover the magic inside yourself.

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