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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Goal Apps: Accomplishing

The entire point of goals is to accomplish them, obviously, that's why you set them. Just as the iPad and iPhone could be useful in writing down, tracking, and communicating goals, it can also be helpful in the accomplishment of some goals.

The goals it can help with are many, the reason is that there is app for almost everything.

Lets just take a look at a few of the things I'm working on. One of my goals has to do with writing this blog, and what do you know the iPad helps me accomplish this goal with several apps:

And there are others as well. All of these apps help me accomplish my goals with the blog.

Now, blogging is something of an extreme example, of course it is a goal that is aided by the iPad. But other goals not so directly related to the internet can be as well. For example I have a goal of in the physical aspect of my life to work out everyday. This goal is tied specifically to the Gorilla workout app. The app gives me a new workout to do everyday, that helps me to accomplish my goal. I have done a full review of the app here.

Another area where a lot of people, including me, have goals is finances. In this case the goals are called a budget. This is an area where the portability of the iPad or iPhone can really be helpful. You can track your expenses as soon as they happen. There are a lot of budget apps out there, the one I use is called ExpenSense. It is fairly simple a straight forward for tracking budgets and accounts. There are a lot of other options for financial goals including apps from most investment firms and banks to track your accounts through their website.

An important area to set goals in is knowledge. We should constantly be learning. One of the best ways to do that is to read. One of my part time jobs is as a digital reading specialist, so I have a real interest in this type of goal on an iPad. The iPad can be very helpful in this regard because it is with you a lot of the time so you can take advantage of short moments to read a little of an ebook.

Here are some reading apps worth looking into:

  • iBooks (Apples own ebook reader)
  • Kindle (great if you also read on kindle, your books will sync across)
  • Adobe Reader (my full review here)

Another aspect of reading can be spiritual, if you are religious chances are there are a plethora of apps for your religion. I am a Mormon and these are a few of the apps that help me with my spiritual goals:

  • Gospel Library (allows you to download all the scriptures and Sunday School manuals)
  • Bible Gateway (Lets you read from hundreds of bible translations and do side-by-side comparison)
  • Ensign (The LDS church's official magazine)
  • LDS Memory (Helps you memorize key scripture passages)

The possibilities for apps that could help you with your goals a endless. If you have a goal chances are that there is app that can help you in some way. And you really should have a goal, several in fact.

Let me know what you goal is and if you have an app that helps you or if you are looking for one.  or leave a comment below.

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That's it for the goal apps posts, I hope they've been helpful to you. Now go set some goals and remember, live better.

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