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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Review: BYU App

While the app I review here is specific to BYU and is most useful to BYU students and faculty, it would also be very useful to a visitor to BYU for a camp or conference.

Name: BYU
Price: Free
Stars: 4
Type: Education, Information

Probably the best thing BYU's IT department has done over the course of my time at school has been to develop this app. The BYU website has always been cumbersome and annoying, the app is more than just a "go to website" type of app, but it does make many of the features of the website a lot more accessible.

This app does so much, and it is always having new features added. It was getting to the point that it had almost to much and you could not find what you wanted, but now they have added the feature to just choose what items you want to appear on your list when you open the app.

It does a lot so I will just go over the ones I have saved to my list here:

  • Library - this one gives younth option to search the library for books or materials, but more important than that it gives you instant access to study room reservations, before this it was a huge hassle to get to a study room reserved now it is relatively simple.
  •  Map My Classes - does exactly what it says, using your BYU ID it will find the location of all of your classes and show them to you on map. Great for the first day of the semester.
  • Campus Cameras - while a little creep, this app gives you access to BYU's time lapsed cameras in places you might want to check out lines, like the testing center, the bookstore, and Brigham's Square.
  • Calendars -- lets you access all of the university calendars you use to have to navigate through the website to do. This can let you see who is coming to speak at devotional, when the basketball team is playing, and what is playing at the HFAC.
  • Vending -- if you have ever showed up at the vending machine and been disappointed all the Fat Boy sandwiches were gone then this is for you, it lets you see where the vending machines are on campus, what they have in stock and how much they cost. Freshman dream come true.
  • My ID card -- I don't lose or forget my ID card, but I keep this option on my list just incase, the app can produce a digital version of your ID card that will allow you to enter the testing center, use your meal plan, and other ID relate activities.
  • GPA Calculator -- one of my absolute favorites, this function use to buried on BYU's website behind like a thousand pages, now it is right here on the app and I can "what if" to my heart's content.
Well I have barely scratched the surface of what is offered in this app. There are a lot more features to use depending on your campus needs. I highly recommend this app to anyone attending or visiting BYU.

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