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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: Gorilla Workout

I believe that there are four basic areas you should be working on in order to improve your life and consequently be more productive: physical, mental, social and spiritual. Anybody can improve in any of these areas by setting longterm and short-term goals in them, you don't need an iPad, but there are apps that can help you in all of them. Today I would like to look at one app in particular that helps with the physical aspect.

Name: Gorilla Workout
Type: Workout generator
Price: Free (20 workouts) or $.99 (over 200 workouts)
Stars: 5

Gorilla Workout is the best app (hence the 5 stars) I have found to get me to exercise. It is a simple app that gives you a workout everyday to help you become a gorilla. When you get the app it you will be shown this screen which will help you choose where to begin. I got the free version first and began with the baby monkey level because I like to feel like I'm achieving my goals.

The free version has five workouts (theoretically one week of workouts) for each level. I completed all the workouts after a while (lets just say more than four weeks) and decided it was worth it to me to buy the full version. I use this app every weekday to workout in the mornings. If you are on the proper level for you workouts take between 10-20 minutes and if you follow them in order you will workout different muscles everyday. The app is really great because it provides you with different exercises so you aren't stuck doing the same thing day after day. I did not know how to do a lot of the exercises I started but they provide both written instructions and video examples to make it easy to learn.

Somedays I hate this app, but only while I'm using it. Check out the free version and see if it can help you.

And remember, live better.

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