Google Productivity Pad: 1 Year of Productivity, My blogiversary!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

1 Year of Productivity, My blogiversary!

It has now been one year since I started the productivity pad blog. It has been a great year. Sometimes I have been more consistent than others, and sometime my advice has been better than others as well. There are a few points in it worth highlighting.

Most views
My most successful post of all time in terms of views has been Ctrl F on an iPad, clearly I was not the only person looking for this information because people are searching Google for it every day. Interestingly enough its companion post Control-Z on the iPad has not done as well, there must not be as many people making mistakes as I thought.

Most comments
My post that has received the most comments is Gospel Library 3.0 new features. People had more questions and comments on this app than any other I have reviewed. Glad it was helpful. Version 3.4 was just released last week and I will be reviewing it shortly.

A slogan
Early on in the blog I started ending most of my posts with the slogan "remember, live better" the first time I used it was in my post on setting up email, contacts, and calendar, I then explained the concept more in a post titled after the slogan Remember, Live Better.

A trial
As I explained in my post The Internet the Black Hole of Time, I lost internet at my home back in August through an unfortunate series of events. As you might emagine being a Social Media professional and hobby bloger is a struggle without internet. This particular trial has been responsible for some of my incosistancy in blogging over the last six months, but I have learned a lot from it and I think I when I do get internet again (hopefully in March) I will be more productive with it because of this time.

All in all its been a great year of blogging and I think this next one will be even better, so long as we remember to live better.

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