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Monday, February 10, 2014

App Review: 2014 Results

Name: Sochi 2014 Results
Price: Free
Stars: 2
Type: Sports/News

The Olympics are now in full swing over in Sochi Russia. I love the Olympics a lot, I am not a big sports guy, but I find the Olympics to be one of my favorite events. The world coming together to participate together in (mostly) nonviolent activities is very reassuring to me. So of course I was excited to download the official app, I great experience using the app to keep up on the game in London two years ago.

The Good
The app allows you to keep track of lots of Olympic information. You can sort by event, country, or athlete. You can make favorites in any of these categories.  It gives you a nice schedule of all events that will take place each day. All the metadata is linked together well so clicking on an athlete or an event anywhere in the app will actually take you to the page for that, which is helpful.

The Bad
The app is unstable, perhaps this was intentional to give me the full Sochi experience without being in Sochi, but I would be perfectly happy not to have that experience. I hate trying to find something only to have the app crash right before I get to it.

On top of crashing the push notifications do not work. I have it set up to notify me whenever something happens to a favorite country, team, or athlete, and also with a Medal Count each day, so far none of these have ever happened.

The Ugly
Besides the American Team's Christmas sweaters? Well the app has the potential to look nice, but the fact that event though I have my language settings to English all the event information is still displayed in Russian as well is really annoying. It just looks awful and makes it hard to find the information that I actually want.

There is a section for video under each event, but so far I have not seen any put up.

Well, that is it for my thoughts. Have you tried this or any of the other Sochi apps? Let me know which ones you like or don't like and why in the comments below. And remember, live better.

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