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Friday, April 19, 2013

Review: Evernote

Name: Evernote
Type: text editor, word processor, note taker, document manager, cloud storage, OCR, audio recorder, anything you want it to be
Price: Free
Stars: 5

Evernote is probably the single most used app on my iPad. As far as mobile productivity tools go it is the unmatched king of the app hill. Evernote has apps for nearly platform in existence, but this review will be focused on the iPad app.
Evernote as a system is a way to capture almost everything and remember it by storing it in the cloud, accessible by all your devices. Evernote on the iPad is one of the very best ways to use it. Why? Because it is with you almost always so you can capture any idea in a moment, or get some work done while you are waiting five minutes for something else. While evernote for the iPhone is great, on the iPad it is much easier to work and be productive.

As most of you are probably aware there is no native system of file and document storage on the iPad, much to the chagrin of many nerds. At least for text documents evernote gives you some of that control back, you can save a document somewhere and easily find it again. Evernote allows you to organize in several ways through notebooks, tags, location services, etc. It also allows you to search everything so its easily findable. We all know to be productive you have to find what you need to work on, and evernote makes that simpler.

One of evernote on the iPad's biggest productivity advantages is that it integrates so well into the system. If you give it permission evernote will become integrated with your calendar, your photos, your location, and will become an export option for most files from email attachments and websites. It also incorporates with its own secondary applications like Hello, Skitch, Penultimate, and Food.

All in all there is just no reason that you should not be using evernote if you have an iPad. I only have one problem with evernote on the iPad and that is the lack of a word count feature, but I hope that will be fixed in the next update.

That was just a quick review, you will definitely here more about evernote from me in the future, I love it and use it everyday. I am definitely not the most productive or innovative user of evernote. Three people who are much better at it than me are: Katie Floyd, Jordan Collier, and Michael Hyatt.

Thats all for now folks, if you have any questions leave them in the comments sections below, if you use evernote already leave a comment telling me about one of the ways you have found to use it. Also if you found this post helpful share or  it.

And remember, live better.

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