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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Why go all iPad?

You hear a lot of people talking about the post PC era, with devices like the iPhone and iPad taking on roles traditionally handled by personal desktops and laptops. I believe this is about to happen and that shortly we will see the demise personal computers. Why? because ordinary people just don't need or use the type of computing power now found inside a desktop computer or even a laptop. Take me for example, I am consider myself a pretty heavy computer user, meaning I use my computer pretty much every waking hour of the day. But what am I doing on that computer? Mostly using the internet or taking notes, these are tasks that are easily done on my iPad mini. It may be a little easier to type on my laptop, but that is easily solved with a bluetooth keyboard, and what I loose in hauling weight more than makes up for it.

A lot of people tell me they just couldn't leave their laptop behind, which may be true for some people, certainly it isn't time yet to get rid of your office computer if you work in an industry where you are on it all day. But when I am out and about I find the iPad mini a much better choice.

Here are my reasons for going all iPad when I'm on the go.
1. it is so much lighter. I waited for the iPad mini to come out before making this decision because I wanted it to be significantly different from my laptop. I like to be able to carry as much as possible in as little space as possible, so for me the iPad presented the perfect option.

2. it is easier to start working on than a laptop. As a student I do a lot of my work in small breaks in between classes and work. The iPad or the mini is able to be out and running much faster than a laptop, even a fast one and which much less hassle. I can work on the iPad mini if I am standing around waiting for someone, or if I am sitting down at a table.

3. it is easier to stop working than a laptop, after taking doing a little work if I need to get going because my ride has come or my class is about to start I just close up my iPad mini's smart cover and slide it into my bag and I'm off.

4. the battery life. All I have to say is that the battery life is incredible on the iPad mini, if I'm out all day I can still come home with 60% battery or more if I start with a full charge, with my laptop I sometimes make it without a charge and sometimes don't (and that's with a MacBook, with a PC laptop you almost always need to take the charger with you).

5. it is much better for reading. As a student I am required to read from a lot of PDF's posted to the class websites or online journal articles. Reading is a much better experience on an iPad than it is on a laptop, especially if you are a speed reader.

And those are the five reasons I can think of for why I switched to the iPad. I still use my MacBook at home, and I personally still have a need for it there for high computer functions, but a lot of people probably don't. If you have a reason for switching to the iPad or a question please leave it in the comments section below.

That's all for now, have a great day.
And remember, live better.

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