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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Review: Producteev

Name: Producteev
Type: Todo list manager
Price: Free
Stars: 4

Producteev is the best todo list app I have ever used and believe me I have used a bunch of them. Producteev is great because it lets you do exactly as much as you want with your tasks. There are a bunch of metadata options, but you don't have to use all or any of them if you don't want to. There is only one problem with Producteev and that is the fact that they have not developed a native iPad app for it. In order to use it on the iPad you either have to use it in mini mode, or 2x mode. It is not too bad, since it is just a task manager the graphics aren't super important but it would be nice to have a dedicated or at least a + app. However, one of the nice things is that it syncs seamlessly across devices and so when I create a new task on my iPod touch it automatically appears on my iPad, my Macbook, or even on the web.

Lets look at the different options for setting up a task. Click the add a new task button (red arrow).

Then you will be shown the following screen. First you enter the name of your task (orange box), and that is the only thing required to create a task, you can then click add and it will appear in your list. But if you like to have some other information you cans as well. Personally I usually set a star for priority (yellow arrow). Sometimes I also set a date if there is a specific day the item is due (green arrow). The other two buttons I never use but they allow you to assign the tasks to different people and add tags to your task.

You can go into your task later and change anything and also add a reminder via push notification or email for a specific day or time. Anyway its a great app to keep you on track and I hope we see an dedicated iPad app for it soon.

That's all for now and remember, live better.

Apps used in this post: Producteev, Skitch, Blogger

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