Google Productivity Pad: The 168 Hour Log: Filling Out the Sheet

Monday, June 30, 2014

The 168 Hour Log: Filling Out the Sheet

Yesterday I realized that I am once again at a place in my life where I am either not happy with what I am achieving, or at least I don't feel that I am. It could be possible that I am actually achieving plenty but that I don't know that I am because I have unrealistically set more things for myself to do than are actually achievable (I have been known to do to this before). I just started my graduate program at BYU this past week, so that could have something to do with it...

After talking to my wife about this during our weekly planning and goal meeting we decided I should redo a wonderful productivity tool called the 168 hour log. I first discovered this tool from Laura Vanderkam when she was on Beyond the Todo List.

The concept behind the 168 hour log is that you will use the next week to do something, every hour in it, so let's log what that is so we can analyze it and use it better. So I am going to try this again since I am at a new phase of my life here, and I am going to bring you all along for the ride.

Today is filling out the sheet initially, I am going to fill out what the week should look like, then as we go along I will fill out what actually happens. I am going to color code the week so we can see at a glance how I am doing.

Sleep -- aqua
Personal -- red
Family -- yellow
School -- green
Work -- black
Church -- violet

This is still just an initial fill out of what I think will happen, and clearly some spaces are still blank. I will fill out what actually happens as I go along. I will keep you posted.

If you would like to fill out your own sheet you can download one from Laura here. I hope this is something that can help us remember, to live better.

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