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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Affiliate Links

Hello faithful readers of Productivity Pad. I wanted to let you all know that I am starting to use Affiliate Links on the blog. The reason behind this is that I would like to offset some of the costs of running the blog and eventually be able to purchase my own domain and hosting. I have been talking about a lot of products for a long time and linking out so that you can purchase them if you desire, but I have never received any compensation for that, now I would like to monetize the blog through those links.

How it works
I have signed up to be an Amazon Associate. That means that when I link out to an Amazon product from this site I will receive a percentage commission if someone clicks through and buys that product on Amazon. I might also sign up to do the same thing through iTunes since I review many apps.

My Promise
I will always give honest reviews on this site and only recommend that you purchase products that I actually use and believe are helpful. I will link to these products from blogposts and from widgets on the side bar. I hope that this will be one more way that Productivity Pad can provide value to you as a reader. The products I recommend will, as always, be ones that can help you live better.

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