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Friday, October 25, 2013

Apple's iPad event, my thoughts

iPad Air: This thing is absolutely amazing. The fact that they were able to shrink the iPad that much really impresses me. The biggest change was kind of spoiled by the iPhone launch which showed us the A7 processor, but it is going to make an incredible difference to have 64 bit processing in a tablet.
I don't think most people comprehend what this is going to mean, people ho-hum about processors because there is always a new one coming out, but the processor is what makes your iPad go so you should probably care about it, but the fact that you don't is evidence that Apple is succeeding in their goal of making devices and specs disappear into the user experience.
What people don't see, because it feels so natural, is that iPad has untethered people in a way the laptop never could. With a 64 bit device that will untether more people because suddenly you can do processor intensive work away from your desk that you never could before. For many people going all iPad can suddenly become a reality.
Retina iPad Mini: I'll admit I did not think we were going to get this device, so I am all the more blown away by it because of my skepticism. I'm really amazed that they have given it an A7 processor and a retina display. I guess the battery performance enhancements of the A7 were the only way they could have got the retina display to work and still have given all day battery life on the iPad mini.

Mavericks: Because if my internet situation have been unable to upgrade either my MacBook or my wife's MacBook Pro to OSX Mavericks yet, but I hope to soon. What I will say is that I think Apple is awesome for releasing this operating system for free. It makes me happy to see that they recognize that we have already spent a lot of money on their computers and so they are willing to let us keep them up to date for no cost. I am excited to see the performance improvements that should come from upgrading.

iWork: Now iWork does not excite most people, because most people have been tethered to the oppressive MS Office Suite for so long that they think productivity apps are something that you just have to deal with problems on because you have to use it. This is not the case with iWork, which, like everything Apple does, just works.
So, I am excited for the updates to iWork. Apple has shattered the industry's pricing model which makes me happy every time they do it. But the thing I am most excited for is collaboration on all kinds of projects through iCloud. Lets face it we have all been stuck on google docs far to long. And while I love the annoynous animals on those, working on something that actually works will be a far better experience.

Final thoughts: in this event Apple leveled the iPad models. They made it so essentially the only difference between an Air and a Mini is the screen size. I believe this shows that they are not interested in making cheap products, they are interested in making great products that people will use. They know that people want different sizes of tablets and they also know that people want the same power out of a Mini that they get from an Air, so they have made that the case.
They have essentially said that they will not make a cheaper product, but if you want something that costs less they will sell you an older excellent product at a lower price. Which is fine by me because Apple's "old" products are still leaps and bounds ahead of any of the competition. Why? Because Apple designs with the consumer in mind from the beginning and they only bring to market those products that are the very best quality.
Unlike companies like Samsung who rush as many different products to market as they can hoping that somebody will like some of them. This is why Android products feel outdated so fast, they were not designed with you in mind to begin with. Contrast that with the iPad 2 which I still see being used by people everywhere everyday and which Apple can continue to sell because it was such an amazing product to begin with.

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