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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

iOS 7, hands on thoughts

So I have now been running iOS 7 for a few days. My initial impression is that I like it quite a bit. Here are my thoughts in some type of a cohesive form.

  • It's not really that different:
    • Everyone has been making such a big deal about how iOS 7 is the biggest redesign to the iOS ever, which is true, but its not so different that anybody should confused by it.
    • In style it has changed quite a bit.
    • In form and function it is almost exactly the same. Nothing happened in iOS 7 to confuse somebody whose been using iOS in the past, unlike what happened in the Windows 8 redesign.
  • I love control center
    • Control center is the quick access menu you now get when swiping up from the bottom of the screen. This is something that I think we have been waiting for a long time in iOS and I am really glad it is finally here,
    • I'm glad it is available from the lock screen without having to put your passcode in. 
    • I wish you could customize which apps and setting appeared in control center.
  • I like iTunes radio
    • I know it's pretty much just like pandora, but having it built right into my apple device is nice. I don't know how much I will be using it since I don't listen to music that often. Who knows, this might change that.
  • Find My iPhone
    • The updates to security with Find My iPhone are one of the most important features of iOS  7. I highly encourage everyone to keep it turned on. These are the kind of important things that Apple does even though they aren't flashy and don't catch a lot of attention from the media.
  • A few things that bug me:
    • I'm annoyed that Newsstand is no longer a live icon showing the current issues of your magazines. To me this isn't a huge deal, because I really only have the Ensign on my Newsstand, but it still was nice. 
    • While I like the new way multitasking displays with the cards (reminiscent of Web OS, may it rest in peace) and the easy closing, I am not happy happy that there is no force quite all option. Ever since multitasking came out we have been waiting for this option. It does not seem like it would be hard for Apple to give it to us.
    • Another thing I think they easily could have done was give us a Dvorak keyboard. Really, how hard would it be to add one more keyboard layout to the list? Especially since iOS already knows the layout because it can use it for Bluetooth keyboards.
That's it for now guys, these are just my first thoughts, I'm sure I will have lots more to say about it in other posts as we go along. please share your thoughts on iOS 7 with me on twitter or in the comments here.

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