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Thursday, July 3, 2014

App Review: Gas Cubby

Name: Gas Cubby
Price: Free(ads)/1.99
Type: Gas tracking
Stars: 4

This is an app that I use on at least a weekly basis to keep track of my gas usage.

When I was a kid my father always kept a little pocket notebook and pen in the flip down shade above the driver's seat or in the driver's door of each of our cars. The sole purpose of that notebook and pen was to record the gas information every time we fueled up. He would carefully put down the odometer number, the cost per gallon, the number of gallons bought and the brand of gasoline. This allowed him to know how much was being spent on gas and to be able to calculate the miles per gallon.

Gas Cubby now allows me to do the same thing electronically. I use the free version and it works fine for me. Since I normally use the app while I am out getting gas and don't have internet the ads don't even bother me.

Gas Cubby does everything my father's notebook did and a little bit more. When you open the app you see a list of all the entries you have made in order of the most recent. At the top right you find the  + buttons. One is for gas (red arrow) and the other for maintenance (orange arrow).

When you click the gas option you will enter your odometer number, the price of gas and the number of gallons, it will calculate how much you paid automatically. You can also enter information such as the octane level, the brand of gas, what card you used, and tags. You can also put in similar information for a maintenance entry.

The app will automatically calculate things for you like MPG, cost per mile, average cost per gallon, etc, no math required. It is a nice little app to keep around.

The only drawbacks are that it has never been updated stylistically for iOS 7, so it still looks like an old app and uses the old keyboard interface, and if you miss putting in the odometer reading you will have to make something up or your MPG will get wonky.

Cars are one of our big expenses in life and I think it is a good idea to track what is going on with them and how much money we are putting in. Is there an app that you use for your car? Please share with us in the comments below. Have a great day, and remember, live better.

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