Google Productivity Pad: 168 hour log: Week 1, Late Nights

Monday, July 7, 2014

168 hour log: Week 1, Late Nights

Well we have now passed week 1 of my 168 hour log project. I did not get as much filled out I was hoping to.

Originally I was planning to fill the sheet out each night before going to bed. Incidentally that is not what Laura Vanderkam says to do. She says to take the sheet every where with you and to fill it out throughout the day. I may have seen better success if I had followed this advice.

Regardless what I did learn is that late nights and holidays do mess up the regular flow of your week, but that they are valuable in their own way. Because of Independence Day things got thrown off towards the end of the week. But when I have gone back and tried to reconstruct and color code it, I found that almost all of it was family time. Since this category is very important to me it is great to see it get a whole day once in a while.

Another observation I had this week was that life does not always fit into half hour increments. This is something I am thinking about, I could modify the chart to make it be 15 minute segments, but that would end up making it twice as long as it is. I think that might make it unwieldily and hurt its usefulness as an evaluative tool. Let me know your thought on this or anything else having to do with the 168 hour log.

Thanks for reading. Happy Independence Day, and remember, live better.

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