Google Productivity Pad: The ToDo List Quest: Is there an update in the house?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The ToDo List Quest: Is there an update in the house?

Since I have mostly pulled myself off the todo list market since I started actively using IQTELL, I have not seen much of the others on iOS 7 which came out several months after that. Of course now that I have started the quest and one of my criteria is nice UI I have become aware that a lot of apps have been left behind.

Now I know this is going to seem nit-picky on the surface, but remember that your task management app is one that you use everyday, multiple times a day. When you open it up you don't want to feel like you are taking a step backwards and using a clunky tool. That is how I feel when I open an app and the old iOS 6 keyboard pops up.

My thought immediately upon seeing an app that has not been updated is: "well I guess I won't be getting any help from this developer, they haven't even taken time to change their keyboard, this app must be on the way out." That is why I was so surprised when some widely used and highly recommended apps were not up to date.

Remember The Milk

Both "Remember The Milk" and "Wunderlist" have been given some great reviews in the past and are used by some people that I highly respect. So you can imagine my surprise at encountering a clunky design from them. But there it was plain as life.

So imagine my surprise when I sent out a tweet asking for information on these two apps and I quickly got responses from both of them. In fact Remember the Milk responded in just a few minutes. The developers of these apps may be slow, but whoever is running their communications is on top of it (always a big plus with me).

Both apps assure me that they have new versions in development and that they hoping they will go live "soon." I guess we will just have to wait and see on these. Hopefully they get them done before the quest is over.

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