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Thursday, April 9, 2015

What was talked about most at General Conference?

Now that the General Conference transcripts are available I have taken all the text and created a word cloud to determine what was talked about the most. Here is the result:

Created using Jason Davies' Word Cloud Generator

This word cloud displays the top  50 words used in conference over all six sessions. Larger words were used more times.

There were not any big surprises to me here, but it may be interesting to those who doubt the Christianity of the Mormons. As you can easily see the largest word is God closely followed by Christ.
Other top words also include: Jesus, father, family, Savior, Lord, Church, President, and Marriage.

I would say looking at word frequency we can say that the emphasis of this conference was on:
1. God (Heavenly Father) and Jesus Christ
2. Home and Family

I would recommend that everyone either view or read General Conference you can do so here. It was a wonderful and inspiring weekend and one that encouraged me to remember to live better.

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