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Monday, September 8, 2014

Apple's September 9th event rumor roundup

Here we go again. Apple will be holding another event tomorrow. And everything currently points to it being a big one. From the fact that Apple is returning to the Flint Center where Steve Jobs first announced the iMac, to pictures of a huge "structure" they are constructing outside it, it seems September 9th will be a day Apple fans will remember.

Here is an image of the invitation that was sent out for the event:

Apple's invitations usually contain a hidden message, but it is almost impossible to pick it out until after the event. However it is worth noting that this invitation is significantly less colorful than last years when the iPhone 5C was announced.

Anyway, here are my predictions on some of the more popular rumors.

iPhone 6: yes we will see the iPhone 6, and I think that will likely be the name of it as well. All the models (if there is more than one) will ship with iOS 8 of course. I am hoping that the 16 GB option will disappear and that 32 GB will become the new starter. I also think the new phones will also come with a 64-bit A8 processor and a new M8 processor for movement tracking.

4 inch: I am doubting there will be a new 4 inch iPhone, but I do think the 5S will move down into the second tier spot and the 5C will move into the free spot, so there will still be options for those wanting a smaller screen.

4.7 inch: This model seems all but confirmed by rumors and photo leaks at this point. I would be very surprised not to see it. It also seems likely that it will be getting a sapphire screen which will make it much less likely to shatter.

5.5 inch: I hope we don't see this model, there have been a few leaks indicating it, but I really hate phablets, and so my personal side is causing me to say no on this one. It just seems to big to the point that it would be filling the same spot the iPad mini already does.

iOS 8: Features of iOS 8 have already been mostly announced at WWDC, but expect to hear plenty about it again at this event. Apple will likely give some stats about how many developers have used the beta and some stories about how much they love it. I expect it will be ready for download immediately following the event or the next day.

There will likely be a lot to tell about both HealthKit and HomeKit. Some people have speculated that this is what the large structure they are building is for.

iWatch: This is the big prediction again this year, even though it has failed the last two. However the fact that I finally broke down and got a Pebble makes me fairly certain that this is the year it will happen, that is just how things seem to go. Plus rumors say that a number of big fashion editors have been invited to the event alongside their tech journalist peers. So that could be an indiction Apple is making a move in this direction.

There have been zero part leaks for this product though, so it seems unlikely if it is announced that it is in full production. What it will do, how it will look, and how it will work are still matters of wild speculation.

iPod Touch: I have seen no rumors concerning this, but I hope we get a new one with the same screen size as the new iPhones. 

Apple TV: Doesn't look like it is going to happen at this event. Although Apple has been making steady updates to the Apple TV and have taken it off "hobby" status, it seems like they will not have any time to make an announcement about it at this event. Instead I expect it to come at an event later this year.

iPad: The iPads will get likely their own event later, probably in October, so expect only cursory remarks regarding them and iOS 8.

Well there you have it, the quick rundown before the big show tomorrow. Other commitments will keep me from watching the live stream so don't expect to hear anything from me too soon after it, as I will have to wait until after the podcast becomes available.

I hope you enjoy it though, and I hope we see some great tech that we can use to live better.

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