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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hi there, my name is Ben. I'm a guy who loves productivity and technology, and I love combining them together. I have evolved with technology over the years and my productivity has as well, I started out with an old Palm IIIxe when I was 13 and have been making my way since then. I have just recently decided to embrace the Post PC Era by leaving my beautiful MacBook at home and only using an iPad mini while out and about. Since I'm a college student and spend most of my time away from home this is a big decision for me. I thought some people might want to follow how I make the transition from full laptop to iPad mini in my day to day life and see how it effects my productivity. I will do use cases, app reviews, anecdotal items, and productivity posts.

It's going to be a fun ride, with more than a few bumps in it, I am sure. We are already experiencing the first one since I ordered my iPad mini off of ebay without a charging cord, as you may know the iPad mini uses Apple's new lightning connector instead of the old standard 30 pin from old iPods and iPhones. I ordered a new cord from ebay as well, but unfortunately the iPad mini arrived on Saturday and the lightning cable has not left its shipping location yet. Fortunately the iPad did come with some intital charge, about 81%, so this will be able to lead to my first official post, of living with out a charger.

Hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading.

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